Geneva - Place de Longemalle

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In the heart of Geneva, the Vacheron Constantin boutique at 1, Place de Longemalle is a privileged venue for Fine Watch lovers. The enduring ties between Vacheron Constantin and Geneva were first established when Jean-Marc Vacheron set up his workshop on the Quai de l’Ile, in the district where the artisans lived and worked. With the Longemalle boutique, the Maison entered the very heart of urban life by immersing itself in the prevailing effervescence. Located right next to the Rue du Rhône, the Longemalle boutique is designed to serve a cosmopolitan clientele as well as to nurture Vacheron Constantin’s privileged ties with the people of Geneva.

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Geneva - Place de Longemalle

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JEMA 2017 - From March 31st to April 2nd

Vacheron Constantin at Quai de l’Ile will be exceptionally open to the public during the European Artistic Crafts Days (JEMA) to present the crafts of its master enameler, master engraver and master watchmaker. The boutique at Place de Longemalle will be hosting demonstrations given by a master guillocheur.


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Models that are exclusive to the Vacheron Constantin boutiques

Vacheron Constantin enriches its collection with new models selected for the boutiques, including limited editions. Lovers of fine watches can enjoy discovering the new collection pieces that are available in the Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world.

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On site Vacheron Constantin watchmaker

We invite you to entrust your watch to one of our expert watchmakers on site in the Boutique. The maintenance, service, or repair of your watch will be carried out on site with all the benefits of Vacheron Constantin's watchmaking expertise. Depending on the type of intervention, you will receive an estimate of the time it will require and the cost.

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Customer service

Your Vacheron Constantin watch is an exceptional object, designed and made by master watchmakers in the Vacheron Constantin workshops. Whatever model, movement, or level of complication your Vacheron Constantin watch may be, it requires daily care and a regular overhaul. For a diagnostic service or repair of your Vacheron Constantin watch, we invite you to visit a Vacheron Constantin boutique or an authorised dealer of your choice. Vacheron Constantin makes a commitment to repair and restore all pieces produced by the brand since 1755. At Vacheron Constantin, we keep artisan traditions alive and pay special attention to our heritage, to ensure that we are always capable of responding to our customers' requests. Only the master watchmakers and experts at Vacheron Constantin are qualified to perform these delicate restoration operations that often require several days of labour.